Fleet management systems


We combine the highest degree of engineering excellence with a deep insight into the daily challenges of operating a taxi fleet. This combination has enabled us to create some of the most innovative products within fleet management during the last 25 years. It is in our DNA to create products that push the limits of existing technology and industry standards. When starting development projects we always look for where we can add that extra effort which truly differentiates our products. Through our history this approach has led to some major breakthroughs for our customers; we were the first to use GPS positioning to control a taxi fleet, we were the first with an advanced radio communication protocol that ensured 9.6 kbps back in the days when 3G was science fiction and we were putting computers in vehicales and building mobile applications before mobile computing became a buzzword. Today, we are the first with a scalable fleet management system that gives our customers all the advantages of existing technological platforms such as tablet computers and high bandwidth communication.  



Our customers include taxi companies across northern europe. Each day many thousands of vehicles are serviced by our technology, we take great pride in providing the best possible business environment for these vehicles. We also value our customers as the best source of inspiration when it comes to developing new features and products.  


  • Engineering excellence.
  • Fleet management expertise.
  • Pushing the limits of technology.
  • Large customer base.
  • Customers as source of inspiration.