Fleet management systems


Build a solution that suits your business by combining applications from each of our main application areas; Fleet Engine, Call Center, Mobile and Customer. We have provided solutions to both small-town taxi companies with a few vehicles in a sparsely populated rural area and metropolitan taxi companies that handle several thousand daily bookings and vehicles. No taxi company is the same, no single solution fits all. We provide interfaces to a range of external systems and allow you to build your own interfaces for the systems we do not support - its what we call the open system philosophy.


Our technology is build by engineering experts and designed to operate in the most demanding environments. Everyday our systems optimize the business for thousands of vehicles handling tens of thousand daily bookings. No matter the size of your business, our scalable technology provides your business with a platform for growth. This platform can easily be shared between partner companies as a way of consolidating strategic partnerships or simply reducing costs. 


Your customers are online and so should you be. Why leave it to others to service your customers on the Internet and on mobile devices. We provide you with a range of unique Internet and mobile device applications. You can style these applications with your own visual identity and logo to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty. Our range of applications are specifically designed to service the needs of main taxi customer segments. 


Our applications are based on widely used software platforms that can run on low cost consumer hardware. This not only reduces costs for our customers, it also allows for exploiting all the cool features of modern consumer hardware and software platforms. Resulting in state-of-the-art and feature rich applications for our customers. With our solutions you dont have to worry about your hardware getting outdated, you simply renew it at your local electronics store.