Fleet management systems


Our customer related applications all target specific segments of taxi customers and are divided into two groups; Personal and Business. Our Personal application service customers on their mobile phone outside the context of their workplace. Our Business applications aims at providing service to organizations with a large demand for taxi transportation. 



Our mobile phone application provides intuitive and easy customer access to taxi booking. The pickup address is easily found from the current position of the customer. Typing the address is also possible and made easy by the auto completion feature.  A customer receives push notifications when a vehicle has accepted his booking and can track the vehicle as it approaches. After the booking has been handled, the customer can evaluate the experience, providing valuable feedback to the taxi company. To provide security against misuse of the application, the application allows for SMS validation of customers. This ensures that a customer can be reached at the phone number given with the booking. Also, if a customer repeatedly fails to show up for a booking he is automatically banned from using the application.



Within our range of applications directed at the business customer segment, we have the Business Fast and the Business Administrator applications. With the Busines Fast application customers can book to a predefined pick-up address using a single touch of a screen. This application can be placed in the reception of large organizations with many taxi customers passing through, or it can be used behind the counter in restaurants and bars. The Business Administrator application provides an overview of all bookings made by a single organization. Status information about every booking is presented to the user and bookings can be updated and deleted. This also works for organizations that operate across multiple sites, with the Business Administrator the organization gets a single overview of taxi booking across all sites. In a reception that uses the Business Fast application to allow visitors to automatically book their taxis, The Business Administrator can also be used by receptionists to get an overview of all bookings made at their Business Fast application. 


  • Target specific customer segments.
  • Intuitive booking on mobile phones.
  • Efficient booking for receptions.
  • Advanced  booking administration.
  • Multi-user and cross site administration.