Fleet management systems


Our mobile application is a decision support system that provides each driver with the information and overview required to make good decisions both in terms of customer service and business optimization. It is also a system that can communicate with the taxi meter and credit card readers. It gathers all the information, presents it to the driver and communicates the information back to the Fleet Engine for accounting purposes.



Our mobile application runs on standard tablet hardware  developed for the consumer market. This allows for an economy of scale on the mobile hardware that has not been seen before in the taxi industry, significantly reducing the costs for our customers. Also, it allows our customers to get all the advantages of the huge research effort that goes into developing hardware for the consumer market. Once your tablet computer becomes outdated you simply go to the nearest electronics store and buy new hardware. We make sure that the software develop to take advantage of the newest features of the hardware and that your tablet can communicate seamlessly with the Fleet Engine and the devices in your vehicle (for example your taxi meter and credit card terminal).



We take pride in developing new features that can help optimize business for the users of our mobile applications. By building on top of consumer platforms we have access to all the basic services expected by modern users. These include advanced mapping and routing applications. 



  • Modern decision support system.
  • Optimize the business of drivers.
  • Standard tablet platform.
  • Economy of scale reduces costs.
  • Interface with other vehicle devices.
  • Modern maps and path finder.